Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt

Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt

Product Code: WWGS2
Clean burning wood stove with a compact design which can also use solid fuel and includes a pot support
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This high-performance wild woodgas stove is easy to light, very economical and clean-burning.  The wood stoves three-part design means that you benefit from the stability of a large footprint as some larger models on the market like the WoodGas LE and XL stoves, as well as the space-saving compactness of the slightly smaller Bushbuddy and Bushcooker.
The Wild Woodgas Stove is exceptionally efficient and versatile… like most woodgas stoves it is designed to burn wood more cleanly than any open fire due to its secondary burn.  This means more heat and less soot from a few twigs or pine cones.  This woodgas stove will also burn solid fuels like hexamine or meths when used with a Trangia-style spirit burner.  The stove packs down extremely small with space inside for fuel, firelighting gear etc… and can then be easily packed into a small billy can, cookset or saucepan.
This ingenious little stove has to be the ultimate, lightweight, user-friendly wild camping stove – perfect for festival camping, bushcraft and road trips.
  • Versatile, compact, lightweight go-anywhere design
  • Clean-burning wood-powered cooking
  • Easy set-up and simple to light
  • Never run out of fuel again as long as you can find a few twigs
  • Easily fits inside a small daysack or pannier
  • No batteries required
  • Includes instructions and drawstring nylon bag
  • New improved pot support for extra stability (photo 5)
Weight: 296g (including storage bag)
Pack Size: 7cm x 13.5cm Ø
How the Wild Woodgas Stove Works
Wood-gas stoves create conditions where 'primary air' partially combusts wood gas, then inject pre-heated 'secondary air' into the top of the combustion chamber to mix with the remaining smoke, resulting in a very hot, clean burn and quick and easy lighting. A woodgas stove produces less carbon monoxide and particulates than open fires, and even rocket stoves. The images show the hot wood gases meeting the pre-heated air, appearing as jets of yellow flame.
This is a 'passive-flow' woodgas stove, meaning the secondary air holes are powered by convection rather than batteries and a fan - using the principle that hot air rises. So not only will you never run out of fuel for as long as you can find a few twigs.