Water Purifiers & Emergency Kit

A basic medical kit is an essential when you head off into the wild, insect repellents can make life a bit more comfortable and a water purifier will ensure you have a constant supply of safe clean drinking water on the go.
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Aquapure Traveller - Portable Water Purifier Bottle
750ml bottle which filters and purifies up to 350 litres of water with easy to use, eco-friendly design
Steripen Quantum UV Water Purifier
Purifies water in seconds, removing bacteria & viruses with UV light for up to 3,000 treatments
Care Plus Water Filter by Sawyer
Use as a straw, inline filter or attach to a bottle to filter up to 375,000 litres of water at 0.1 microns
Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit
Compact kit with dressings, bandages, preparations, tapes and scissors for treating minor injuries on the go
Lifesystems Light & Dry First Aid Kit - Nano
Lightweight, 16 item kit for minor injuries & ailments with a efficient waterproof & space saving design
Lifesystems Midge & Mosquito Insect 50 Repellent
Designed with a special formula of DEET and myrtle designed to repel midges, sandflies and mosquitos
Lifesystems Survival Bag
Wind & waterproof blanket designed to efficiently retain heat with a 1-2 person capacity in high vis orange
Highlander Deluxe Map Compass
Easy to use compass with luminous markings, swinging dial & 2x magnifier including a neck carry cord
Highlander Pro Force Pathfinder Compass
Military design based compass with cm & inches rules, luminous markers & 2x magnifying viewer
Lifesystems Safety Whistle with Lanyard
Durable plastic whistle with 108dB performance and included on the D of E recommended kit list
Highlander Paracord Shackle Bracelet
3 metres of 10mm paracord with 190kg capacity, integrated emergency whistle & quick release buckle
True Utility StashLite Key Ring LED Torch
Compact 25 Lumen LED torch with hidden stash space for emergency currency notes, medication, etc.
True Utility Scarab - Key Ring Multi Tool
Stainless steel, compact, ergonomic tool with pliers, wire strippers, knife, file, flat & Phillips screwdriver
Care Plus Tick Remover
This Tick Remover can be used on all sizes of ticks to safely and quickly remove them with the minimum risk
LifeSystems Intensity 105 Rechargeable LED Head Torch
105 lumens of brightness, 6 lighting modes and the rechargeable battery has up to 21 hours of battery life
LifeSystems Light & Dry Survival Bivi
Lightweight survival bag which retains 90% of radiated body heat and is waterproof & windproof
LifeSystems Pop-up Mosquito and Midge Head Net Hat
This wide brimmed hat with head net has ultra-fine drop down netting to protect from mosquitos and midges