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Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet

Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet
Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet
Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet
Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet
Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet

Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet

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Compact wallet with 4000mAh power bank stored inside and 4 Watts of solar panels for recharging on the go
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The Voltaic Amp Solar Charger Wallet is Voltaic’s most compact solar charger and fits easily in any backpack, or bag. But don't be fooled by its size this solar chargers four times as powerful and has twice the battery storage of most other solar chargers in the market.

This eco-friendly solar charger from Voltaic’s is a powerful zipped wallet that contains everything you’ll need to recharge all your handheld electronics.

The two integrated 2.0 Watt Solar Panels on this tough little wallet are waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand abuse. The Voltaic Amp Solar Charger Wallet is ideal for backpacking as it can easily be positioned to maximise sunlight whist travelling on trains, buses, etc…

  • Made from tough environmentally friendly materials
  • 4 Watts of solar power means 1 hour in sun = 3 hours talk time
  • Powerful 4,000mAh battery 
  • Waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant shell
Wallet Specifications
Dimensions: 16.5cm x 14.5cm x 4cm
Weight: 480g (including battery)
Volume: 0.3lt (enough room for battery, adapter cable and small phone or camera)
LED Indicator: LED in logo illuminates when light hits the panels
Interior Pocket: Mesh pocket stores adapters and cables
Fabric: 600D shell waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant made from recycled PET (drinks bottles)

Solar Charger Specifications
Power: 4 Watts total peak output at 6 or 12 Volts (selectable depending on charging application)
Charge times: 4-5 hours of sunlight will fully charge a typical phone - 1 hour will provide about 3 hours of talk time

Battery Specifications
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Charge times: Battery will be fully charged from 9 hours of direct sunlight
Capacity: 4,000mAh (15 Watt hour)
Output: 5V, 1000mA 
Input: 5-6V, 650mA

*Please note: Due to restrictions on the transportation of lithium batteries we cannot ship this product to countries outside Europe.

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