Vango Cove Awning Footprint - GP001

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This primary groundsheet will protects the Noosa/Cove clip-in groundsheet from wear and tear

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The Vango Cove Awning Footprint is a primary groundsheet designed to fit beneath the Cove II Air or Poled Awnings or the 2020 Noosa Awning. This footprint will protect the clip-in awning groundsheet and also extend the life of a Vango Awning. Vango awning footprints are easy to remove and clean, providing protection against small tears and holes from stones and rough ground.  In muddy or wet conditions the footprint enables an awning to be packed away mud and worm cast free.
The footprint is cut to the exact shape of the Cove awnings and provides cover in the awning connection tunnel up to the edge of the van. This awning footprint will also help you mark out the perfect pitch before you start setting up and find its not suitable… an invaluable awning addition. 

  • Marks out the position clearly when pitching the awning.
  • Protects groundsheet from stones, thorns, etc...
  • Protects built in groundsheet getting wet and dirty allowing easier pitching, packing and storage
  • 100% PE construction is hardwearing and easy to wash down
  • Folds into a compact carry bag to fit neatly into your campervan
Dimensions: 310cm x 320cm
Pack Size: 55cm x 10cmØ
Weight: 1.7kg
Colour: Black
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