Vango Camp Chef Pro 30 Portable Stove

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Heavy-duty professional stove that can also be used to griddle, BBQ and cook pizza – ideal for group cooking

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The Vango Camp Chef Pro 30 Portable Stove is a heavy-duty single burner camping stove that punches way above its weight and can also griddle, BBQ and cook pizza when used with the additional accessories – ideal for communal cooking at VW festivals, group camping trips, beach parties etc. The powerful Camp Chef gas stove can be used with conventional pans as well as a Dutch oven, Paella dish, griddle, BBQ, grill and pizza oven with the respective Camp Chef optional accessories, Universal Flat Top Griddle, BBQ Grill Box and Pizza Oven.

The Pro 30 has a strong tubular steel frame with sturdy legs and a large underslung cast burner. The cooking surface has a 12mm rim around the edge to prevent pans sliding off and is large enough for large frying pans, Dutch ovens, Paella dishes, Camp Chef accessories etc.  The top cover of the stove folds out into a spacious, sturdy heat-proof work surface and the rail on the other side is perfect for hanging tongs and BBQ tools over. The legs of the stove can be quickly detached and packed down with a connection hose to a compact size to fit in the optional carry bag (not supplied).

The versatile Pro 30 can be used with the additional accessories to offer more variety when cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for small group camping trips. We use the Camp Chef BBQ Grill Box with this stove, which offers conventional BBQing with the lid open or closed to create oven cooking temperatures to cook or just heat food. The integrated thermometer in the lid of the BBQ Grill Box allows consistent heat control.


  • Cast Aluminium Burner - Resists Rust
  • Detachable and Adjustable Legs - Easy to pack, store and transport
  • Easy to use Temperature Control - Enhanced control for better cooking
  • Folding Side Shelf – Adds convenient work space
  • Single 30,000 BTU/Hr. 8.5KW Burner - Very powerful for quicker cooking
  • Steel Construction - Durable and built to last
  • Can be used with either propane or butane bottles (regulator not included)
  • Comes with a 100cm gas hose, with threaded connection to the stove

Weight: 10.9kg
Dimensions: W - 50cm x D - 35.5cm x H 76cm
Burner: 15.5cm Ø
Cooking Surface: W - 41cm x D 34.5cm 
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*Please note - regulator not included.

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