Vango AirBeam Kela/Jura Skyliner - SY002

Brand: Vango  |  Product Code: SYPKELJURG70Z05  |  Weight: 0.25kg  |  

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Attaches to the Skytrack system of post-2018 Kela & Jura awnings reducing condensation and providing a thermal barrier

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The Vango AirBeam Kela/Jura SkyLiner Curtains attach to the roof of all models from 2018 onwards of the Kela, Jura and Idris Awnings helping to reduce condensation and provide an additional thermal barrier. The SkyLiner attaches using the SkyTrack system, sliding straight on using the included Skyhooks. The SkyLiner can also be used to provide additional shade or privacy by covering the roof skylight windows.

The Skyliners have a soft touch patterned fabric and when in place create a layer of air between the living space and roof helping to increase insulation in colder weather.


  • Made to measure for post-2018 Kela, Jura and Idris awnings
  • Attach to the integrated SkyTrack system with supplied SkyHooks
  • Provides shade or privacy if needed by covering skylight roof windows
  • Helps to reduce condensation in awning
  • Provides an additional thermal barrier
  • Soft touch with a patterned fabric to match with awning

Weight: 0.25kg
Pack Size: 33cm x 3cm x 4cm

Please note: SkyLiners are not designed to attach to models prior to 2018.

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