Vango AirBeam Awning - Pole & Clamp Drive-Away Kit

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Easily connect and detach a drive-away awning or sun canopy to a VW Type 2 Bay, Split, T25 or Brazilian

The Vango AirBeam Awning Pole & Clamp Drive-Away Kit is compatible with all Debus Sun Canopies, Vango, Kampa and Outdoor Revolution drive away awnings.  This Vango drive away kit is for connecting a drive-away awning or sun canopy to the roof gutter rail of a VW T2 Bay, Split, T25 or Brazilian camper van.
To Connect: 1. Slide the pole through the awning connection tunnel pole sleeve or sun canopy pole sleeve and position in the roof gutter rail.  2. Secure the pole at each end and in the middle fabric cut-out with the pole clamps. Angle the clamps upwards slightly so the wing-nut doesn't obstruct the van doors.

To Detach: Loosen off the front webbing straps/guylines of the awning, remove the clamps and pole.  The pole can be left in the awning pole sleeve ready to reconnect.

Top Tip: each clamp has two rubber pads to stop the metal coming into contact with vehicle paintwork.  For additional protection of vehicle bodywork, wrap a few layers of gaffer tape around the pole. 
Multi-Rail Connection

This pole and clamp kit can also be used as a quick attachment method into the the top gutter section of a Reimo Multi-Rail or VW California multi-rail that has the rubber insert. Hook the bottom part of the clamp into the rails C channel.


  • Pole & Clamp Kit offers one of the fastest awning connection methods
  • 100% secure attachment
  • Fits VW Type 2 Split, Bay, T25 and Brazilian
  • Can also be used with Reimo Multi-Rails and California multi-rails with rubber insert
  • Sprung joined poles pack down to fit in awning bag
  • Clamps have rubber pads to protect vehicle paintwork

Pole Dimensions: 250cm x 16mm Ø
Pack Size: 67cm x 5cm x 2cm
Colour: Black pole with stain-less steel clamps
Includes: 1 x steel 4 sectioned sprung-joined powder coated pole and 3 x pole clamps with protective rubber gaskets

*Please note: if your van has a roof rack fitted, check that there is enough space in the roof gutter for the pole to fit in position. If not, the alternative is to use Figure of 8 Awning Channel to connect to the gutter rail.

**For awnings with extra wide 270cm to 300cm connections use the longer Universal 320cm Pole & Clamp Drive-Away Kit to connect

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