Universal Awning Drive-Away Kit - TWIN 6mm to 6/4mm

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Universal connection method from a Drive-Away Awning to a C-Channel, Multirail, California Rail or Windout Awning

This Universal Twin Drive-Away Kit has dual 6mm & 4mm kador beading on the vehicle connection side for compatibility with Mulitrails, VW California & C-Channel Awning Rails as well as all Windout Awnings including Fiamma.

This kit includes 4 x 75cm lengths of plastic figure of 8 strips which will slide onto almost every drive-away awning brand on the market including Vango, Kampa, Outdoor Revolution and Dometic Awnings.

With the 3 metres of Twin 6mm & 4mm Kador you can use either the 6mm or 4mm beadings individually or the two beadings in unison depending on what you are connecting to. For more information on this check out the Connection Methods tab.

A drive-away kit makes detaching and reconnecting a drive-away awning a much simpler process that can be done in just a couple of minutes. When not in use the kit folds down to 75cm in length and stores in its own zipped carry bag.

Top Tip - to make reconnection easier, mark your position at the drivers side wheels with a guyline before driving away.


  • Dual 6mm & 4mm beading for connecting to C-Channel, Multirail, VW California Rails & Windout Awnings
  • 3 metre kit designed to fit the full length of a drive-away awning
  • Secure attachment along the vehicle edge
  • Compatible with almost all drive-away awning brands
  • Zipped Storage Bag


Kador Strip: 3m double beaded 6mm to 6mm/4mm Ø core

Contents: 4 x 75cm sections of Figure of 8 channel & 1 x 3m length of Twin Kador Strip

Pack Size: 76cm x 9m x 6cm

Weight: 980g

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    Connection Kits
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  • Attaching to a C-channel Awning Rail

    Use the 6mm standard beading so slide into the awning rail. This includes our own standard c-channel and roof bar awning rails.

    Attaching to a MultiRail (Reimo, Vamoose etc.)

    Use the 6mm beading to slide directly into the c-profile on the side of the rail underneath the top gutter.

    Attaching to a Fiamma Windout Awning

    Use the smaller 4mm beading to slide into the c-profile on the front of your Fiamma Windout.

    Attaching to other Windout Awnings brands (Thule, Dometic, VW etc.)

    Use the standard 6mm beading to slide in the c-profile on the front of your Windout Awning. This can sometimes require you to lift the front awning flap to access.

    Attaching to a VW California Rail

    Slide both the 4mm & 6mm beadings together into the aluminium part of the awning rail attached to the vehicle.

    If you have a rubber insert for the California awning rail you can either remove this or use just the 6mm beading to slide into the rubber channel. Please be aware that due the rigidity of the rubber the 6mm kador does have the potential to pull out of this if under very high tension.