Universal 320cm Pole & Clamp Drive-Away Kit

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Easily connect a drive away awning or sun canopy with an extra wide connection to a VW Type 2 Bay, Split or T25

The Universal 320cm Pole and Clamp Drive-Away Kit is the most secure method for connecting awnings with extra wide connection pole sleeves like the Outdoor Revolution Techline canopy, Vango 3m sun canopies and Movelite T4/T5 Air awning to a VW Type 2 Bay, Split, T25 or any other camper van with a roof gutter rail.

To Connect: 1. Slide the pole through the awning pole sleeve connection and position in the roof gutter rail. 2. Secure the pole at each end and in the middle fabric cut-out with the pole clamps. Angle the clamps upwards slightly so the wing-nut doesn't obstruct the van doors.

Top Tip: each clamp has two rubber pads to stop the metal coming into contact with vehicle paintwork. For additional protection of vehicle bodywork, wrap a few layers of gaffer tape around the pole.

Multi-Rail Connection

This pole and clamp kit can also be used as a quick attachment method into the the top gutter section of a Reimo Multi-Rail or VW California multi-rail that has the rubber insert. Hook the bottom part of the clamp into the rails C channel.

  • Compatible with sun canopies and drive-away awnings with wider 270cm to 300cm connections
  • For use with VW T2 Bay, Split and T25
  • Can be used with earlier vehicles with roof gutter rails
  • Most secure method of connecting an awning to earlier vans 
Pole Dimensions: 321cm x 16mm Ø
Kit Includes: 1 x galvanised steel sectioned sprung-joined gutter rail pole and 3 x pole connection clamps with protective rubber gaskets
*Please note: if your van has a roof rack fitted, check that there is enough space in the roof gutter for the pole to fit in position.  If not, the alternative is to use Figure of 8 Awning Channel to connect to the gutter rail. 

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