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Travel tech and gadgets designed to make your life backpacking more comfortable. Check out our range of solar chargers and powerbanks for keeping smartphones, tablets, GoPros, DSLR cameras and even laptops charged on the road. For comfort and lifestyle we also have torches, lanterns, speakers including USB travel adaptors, solar chargers, travel speakers, emergency phone chargers, digital luggage scales from Voltaic Systems, Xtorm,  LifeSystems LED Lenser...


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Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern
light up any drive-away awning space with 10 x bright white LED lantern with 3 x brightness settings
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Luci PRO LUX Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern - USB
Warm matte light up to 135 lumens & over 50 hours of light from a single charge with two-way USB charging
Luci PRO Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern - USB
Produces up to 150 lumens and over 50 hours of light from a single charge with two-way USB charging
Lifeventure Lightweight Travel Luggage Scales
Lightweight 85g scale with simple digital display ideal for keeping luggage under baggage allowances
Xtorm Fuel Pocket Power Bank Charger - Pebble 2x
Pocket sized power bank capable of 2 full smartphone charges with LED charging indicators
Xtorm Fuel Pocket Power Bank Charger - Stone 4x
Large capacity, compact power bank with USB output capable of 4 smartphone or a full tablet charge
Xtorm Fuel Pocket Power Bank Charger - Rock 8x
Large capacity, compact power bank with USB output capable of 8 smartphone or 2 full tablet charges
Voltaic Arc 10W Solar Panel Charger
Lightweight yet powerful solar panel charger with UV and water resistant coating for direct USB charging
Voltaic Amp 4W Solar Charger Wallet
Compact wallet with 4000mAh power bank stored inside and 4 Watts of solar panels for recharging on the go
Voltaic Converter 5W Solar Backpack - 20 Litres
20 litre backpack with an integrated high-efficiency 5W solar panel and V15 battery for charging off grid
Voltaic Off-Grid 10W Solar Backpack - 25 Litres
Charge on the go with this 25 litre, 10 Watt solar backpack designed to recharge handheld electronics
Voltaic Fuse 6W Solar Charger Pouch
Attaches securely to rucksacks, tents, etc. for charging on the go with a 6W solar panel and 4000mAh battery
Voltaic Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger Pouch
10W solar pouch with a 20,000mAh battery capable of 7 smartphone, 3 tablet or 1 laptop charge
Voltaic Arc 20W Folding Solar Panel Charging Kit
Powerful 20 Watt folding solar panel capable of charging a laptop and includes a Voltaic V72 Battery
iProtec Pro 320 Rechargeable Torch with MagDock
Compact 320 lumen torch with adjustable zoom, 4 beam modes, 9h battery life & magnetic charging dock
PowerPlus Wolf - Flashlight/FM Radio/Alarm
Multipurpose torch with wind up charging, in built radio with speaker and 80Db emergency alarm
Voltaic Systems V15 USB Universal Battery Pack
Compact battery pack with 4,000mAh capacity which can also replace battery for Voltaic AMP or Backpack
Voltaic Systems V44 USB Universal Battery Pack
Slim line battery pack with 12,000mAh capacity and two USB carging ports for tablets and smartphones
Voltaic V72 Universal Laptop/Tablet/DSLR Camera Battery
20,000mAh battery pack capable of charging laptops, DSLR & tablets with multiple adaptors & charging options
Gecko Sound Rectangle 10W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Waterproof and drop proof speaker with bluetooth connection up to 10m and 6+ hours of playback time
Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Limitless 10,000
Capacity for 5 full smartphone charges with a fully water & drop proof design ideal for the rigours of the outdoors
Xtorm Fuel PowerBank Pocket Charger - 5000
Pocket sized power bank capable of 2 smartphone or ½ a tablet charge with 2.1A output for rapid charging