Trangia 27-2 UL 1-2 Person Stove, Cook Set & Kettle

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Stow-able stove, cookset  and 0.6L kettle with two 1 litre saucepans and a frying pan weighing just 825g with spirit burner

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The Trangia 27-2 UL 1-2 Person Stove and Cook Set also includes a 0.6L Kettle for making a brew on the go and is perfect for wild camping, D of E or a festival fry-up as this compact stove and cook set is reliable, safe and takes up minimal space in a backpack.
The Trangia principle is simple but incredibly effective, the pan is held at the optimum distance over the spirit burner (which uses methylated spirits as fuel) inside the windshield.  The windshield protects the spirit burner from the wind but also ensures it is well ventilated which means all of the heat is directed upwards to the pan so little energy is wasted.
A Trangia windproof spirit stove also has an ecological advantage over gas stoves and multi-fuel pressure burners as its very efficient, there are no canisters to dispose of and no oily slime to clean away after use.
  • Works very well at any temperature and in in windy conditions - in fact you can turn the windshield into the wind to increase the heat output of the burner
  • Compact – all Trangia stoves and their pans pack neatly into one compact unit
  • Easy to maintain - no moving parts to break, no jets to clean and you don’t need to pump it up to pressurise it
  • Safe – spirit burners are less prone to flares than pressure stoves and gas stoves, also the lower windshield makes a very stable base
  • Clean burn - fuel vaporises quickly without leaving a dirty residue, methylated spirit is actually a cleaning fluid

Trangia 27-2 UL Contents
Trangia spirit burner stove with upper and lower windshields
2 x 1 litre aluminium saucepans
1 x 18cm Ø aluminium frying pan

1 x pan grip and a strap
Pack size 10cm x 18.5cm Ø
Weight: 825g

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