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Telescopic Flagpoles

Small Telescopic Pole - 4m

Small Telescopic Pole - 4m

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Attach flags, windsocks or spinners to stand out from the festival crowd - packing down to just 115cm in length
Extremely lightweight and durable a 4m telescopic flagpole is ideal for displaying a flag, windsock or spinner. Perfect for marking your place in a festival crowd to let your friends know exactly where you are or marking your festival camping spot.
Each flagpole houses telescopic sections approximately 1m in length i.e. 3 sections make up a 3m flagpole… 5 sections make up a 5m flagpole and so on… like Russian dolls.  Our telescopic flagpoles have a small eyelet at the tip of the smallest section for attaching windsocks etc… and extend like fishing rods thinnest section first.
Telescopic flagpoles are made from Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) which is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres of glass. GRP is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material.
Dimensions (packed): 115cm x 3.2cm Ø
Weight: 280g

4m Telescopic Flagpoles can be fixed to the ground using a Ground Stake (sold seperately) which are made from solid GRP with a point at one end and are used to secure the pole into the ground.  We recommend using 1 x Standard Pole Stake with 4m flagpoles – standard pole stakes are 100cm x 10mm Ø.
How to fix a telescopic flag pole to the ground using a pole stake:
1. Check that there aren’t any underground pipes, cables or overhead power lines then use a mallet to knock a Pole Stake into to ground approximately 20cm or 30cm deep.
2. After you have extended the pole and attached a windsock or flag simply unscrew the cap from the bottom section and slide over the pole stakes.
Flags can be easily attached to telescopic flagpoles using a Pair of Flag Bungees

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