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PowerPlus Firefly Wind Up and Rechargeable LED Tent Light

PowerPlus Firefly Wind Up and Rechargeable LED Tent Light

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Rechargeable LED tent light with 4 settings: white normal or high power - red night vision or flashing SOS
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The Firefly is a versatile wind-up and rechargeable 19 LED tent light that has 4 settings: 16 white LED normal power or high power and 3 red LED night vision or red flashing SOS mode.  This super bright LED tent light from PowerPlus can either be hung from the middle of a tent/awning or placed on the ground and angled up using the clever swing out arm which works as a stand and also has an integrated hanging hook.
The Firefly takes 5 hours to charge fully using the USB lead and offers 12 hours light at normal level, 2 ½ hours light at high level, 14 hours in 3 red LED mode and 28 hours in 3 LED flashing SOS mode.  This multifunctional light can also be charged by the built-in dynamo using the wind-up arm on the rear – 3mins winding offers 40mins light at normal level, 9mins light at high level and 75mins in 3 red LED mode. 
  • Multifunctional light
  • Rechargeable from USB or wind-up dynamo
  • 16 powerful white LEDs
  • 3 red night vision/flashing SOS LEDs
  • 12 hours light from full charge
  • Integrated hanging system and stand
  • Magnetic base

Weight: 220g
Dimensions: 4cm x 10cm
Brightness: 19 lumens at normal level
                  60 lumens at high level
USB Full Charge Time: 5 hours
Contents: Firefly, USB adaptor cable and instructions
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