Petromax Sandwich Iron

Brand: Petromax  |  Product Code: SW-IRON-S  |  Weight: 1.5kg  |  

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Cast iron toasted sandwich maker suitable for toasting bread, crumpets, bagels etc on openfires and bbqs


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The Petromax Sandwich Iron as the name suggests is made from cast iron giving it excellent thermal properties which allows the transfer of heat directly to the food.  The toaster can also be used on a gas camping stove and the sealed iron is a perfect pan for cooking omelettes and baking foods without leaks and spills.  The seasoned finish on this Petromax toasted sandwich maker improves with use and has natural non stick effect.

Perfect for toasting all kinds of bread, crumpets, bagels, muffins over an open fire or bbq, the Petromax Sandwich Iron can also be separated to make 2 small frying pans and when separated cleaning is so much easier!  

The sandwich toaster has long wooden handles that sit comfortably in the hand and the bar ensures enough distance from the campfire. 


  • Cast iron construction with excellent thermal properties
  • Ideal for toasted sandwiches and other snacks
  • Even heat and residual heat retained
  • Long wooden handle for use on campfires
  • Seasoned finish which improves with use
  • Can be separated to create 2 small frying pans

Weight: 1.45kg
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 13.5cm x 49.5cm

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