Petromax Perkomax Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

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Quality 1.5L stainless steel percolator that produces a unique flavour and aroma around camp

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The Petromax ‘Perkomax’ Stainless Steel Percolator brews perfect coffee or tea in a particularly gentle way which will impart an incomparable aroma into your drink and around your camp - wake up and smell the coffee! This quality 1.5litre stainless steel coffee percolator has a sturdy side handle, a top swivel carry handle with a glass knob on the lid which allows you to keep an eye on the percolation process.

The sturdy Perkomax can be used over a gas stove or a campfire and the 1.5L capacity is a good size to supply a few mugs of rocket fuel.

The Percolator Principle for a unique flavour
Why does the Percolator brew such good coffee? Inside the pot there is a device with a tube and a sieve container for coffee or tea powder. The boiling water rises into the tube and flows through the permeable lid and ground coffee or tea leaves absorbing aroma and mixing with the remaining water. Thus, the longer the water circulates in the Percolator, the more intense the taste becomes: This Principle also releases the finest nuances of flavour from tea and coffee.

You can watch the entire process through the glass knob in the lid.

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  • The percolator principle produces a unique flavour and aroma

    Made from stainless steel with a sturdy side handle

    The top swivel handle allows the percolator to be carried easily

    The lid has a glass knob which allows you to keep an eye on the percolation process

    Large enough to serve 6 good mugs of coffee or tea

    Capacity: 1.5litres

    Material: Stainless steel

    Dimensions: H21.5cm x 20cm x 16cm

    Weight: 850g