Petromax HK500 Pressure Lantern - Chrome

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Classic lamp which uses kerosene or parrafin fuels for an 8 hour burn time manufactured in Germany and hand assembled


The Petromax HK500 Pressure Lantern is an outdoor classic lamp which uses either a kerosene lamp oil or paraffin fuel and unique high-pressure technology to provide a mesmerising light. Invented in 1910 and ever popular, the HK500 combines German engineering with a hand assembled design to provide a reliable light source for all weathers.

This retro lamp in a chrome finish has a light output of 400 Watts encased in a temperature-resistant borosilicate glass manufactured by Schott. The 1 litre fuel tank of the lantern can be easily refilled using the included funnel and has a burn time of 8 hours from full.

The lamps kerosene under pressure is conducted into a carburettor, where the evaporated fuel reacts to the mantle impregnated with luminous salt, which results in a bright, warm light


  • Classic design in use for over 100 years
  • Uses Kerosene or Paraffin fuels
  • 400W light output for a bright but warm light
  • Manufactured in Germany and hand assembled
  • 8 hour burn time from full tank
  • 1 litre fuel tank with refill funnel
  • Polished brass finish

Weight: 2.4kg
Dimensions: 17cm x 17cm x 40cm
Power Output: 400 Watts
Fuel: Kerosene or Paraffin
Tank capacity: 1 litre
Burn Time: 8 hours
Finish: Chrome

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