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The Petromax lamp was first created in 1910 by Max Graetz who also named the brand. Petromax are still producing premium versions of their original lamp along with innovative, high-quality stoves, barbecues and campfire cookware - all made in Germany.

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Petromax Atago Retracting BBQ Grill & Fire Pit
Stainless steel, German designed BBQ that retracts to a compact size & can also be used as a stove, oven or fire pit
Petromax Perkomax Enamel Coffee Percolator Pot - Black
High quality German made, enamel steel 1.5 litre coffee percolator which can be used on an open fire or BBQ
Petromax Perkomax Enamel Coffee Percolator Pot - White
Retro style, enamel steel 1.5 litre pot which can be used on an open fire or BBQ to brew coffee or tea
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove
High quality, German made, extremely efficient and easy to use - never buy camping gas again!
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Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Convection Lid
Lightwieght, heat-proof lid for using the Atago BBQ as a convection oven or smoker for baking/smoking food
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Storage Bag
Durable ripstop nlyon with reinforced base for carrying Atago BBQ and protecting other kit from any soot/ash
Petromax Black Enamel Camping Plates - Pack of 2
Tough and hard-wearing design, old school uber cool, ideal tableware for a classic VW Bus
Petromax Black Enamel Camping Bowls - Pack of 2
Hardwearing black enamel finish with Petromax twin dragon logo and stainless steel rim
Petromax Black Enamel Camping Mug
Classic retro style camping mug with stainless-steel rim and a tough hard-wearing design
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove - Storage Bag
Strong padded fabric storage bag with reinforced sides and base - ideal for storing the Rocket Stove in the Dub