Petromax Campfire Skewer - 2 Pack

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Pack of 2 stainless steel skewers with bent prongs for drop free campfire cooking


The Petromax Campfire Skewer has 2 stainless steel bent prongs to ensure food is kept in place whilst cooking over the campfire and this practical design makes it easier for children to experience toasting without tears - under adult supervision of course!

The Petromax Campfire Skewer has a high quality beech wood handle with ridges for comfortable holding and the length of the skewer can be adjusted to ensure it is at the correct length for optimum cooking.  This clever idea also means the Campfire Skewers can be packed down to a reasonable size without being an awkward addition to stow in your campervan.

Supplied in a pack of 2 skewers, you can be cooking kebabs on one and accompanying vegetables on the other and leave the kids to toast bananas and marshmallows!


  • Durable stainless steel prongs
  • Beech wood handle with ridges for comfortable holding
  • Adjustable length for optimum cooking

Dimensions: 20cm x 5cm x 1cm
Weight: 600g

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