Outdoor Revolution Lumi Mosi Mosquito Killer Camping Lantern

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Rechargeable LED light combined with an ultra-violet mosquito killer - ideal for drive-away awnings

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The Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Mosi Mosquito Killer Camping Lantern is a 2 in 1 LED lantern light combined with a pop-out ultra-violet mosquito killer. The Lumi-Mosi Mosquito Killer will zap mozzies, midges and other flying insects – ideal for drive-away awnings, tents etc.

The Lumi-Mosi Mosquito Killer Camping Lantern has a fold out hanging hook and 3 x brightness settings ranging from a dim ‘night light’ to a bright ceiling light.


  • 2 in 1 ultra-violet mosquito killer and led lantern light
  • Pop out UV light allows simple and effective insect control
  • Fold-down hanger
  • 3 x brightness settings
  • Rechargeable from any power source with a USB port
  • Rain-proof


Bulb: LED/Ultra-Violet

Battery: Rechargeable from any USB port

Battery life: 8 hours

Brightness Settings: 3

Weight: 390g

Dimensions: 13.8cm x 9.8cm

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