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Petromax Perkomax Enamel Coffee Percolator Pot - Black
Out of stock
High quality enamel steel 1.5 litre coffee percolator - can be used on an open fire or BBQ
Primus Campfire Stainless-Steel BBQ Tongs
In stock
Cool minimalist design tongs in food grade stainless steel - compact enough to stow in a camper van draw
Petromax  Campfire Skewer - 2 Pack
In stock
Pack of 2 stainless steel skewers with bent prongs for drop free campfire cooking
Petromax  Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
In stock
Safely and easily remove the lid from a Dutch Oven, or for lifting bbq grills
Petromax  Eco Friendly Fire Starter Kit
In stock
Eco friendly, wood firestarter
Petromax  Natural Wood Spatula
In stock
Wooden spatula made in Germany from local cherry wood
Primus OpenFire Stainless-Steel Oak Handled Spatula
In stock
High quality spatula with a flexible stainless-steel blade and a moisture resistant Oak handle
Primus CampFire Utility Sack
In stock
Versatile utility sack, completely watertight with roll top carry handle
Primus OpenFire Pack Sack Kamoto Storage Bag
In stock
Keep the Kamoto BBQ secure and protect the interior of your VW camper
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Convection Lid
In stock
Lightwieght, heat-proof lid for using the Atago BBQ as a convection oven or smoker for baking/smoking food
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Storage Bag
In stock
Durable ripstop nlyon with reinforced base for carrying Atago BBQ and protecting other kit from any soot/ash
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove - Storage Bag
In stock
Strong padded fabric storage bag with reinforced sides and base - ideal for storing the Rocket Stove in the Dub
Cooking Support for Petromax Atago
In stock
Transforms the Atago to a solid fuel hob for dutch ovens, coffee pots etc
Petromax Baking Tray for Stovetop Camping Oven
In stock
Ideal for baking flatbreads, nans, tortillas etc. and guarantees crispy pizza bases - can be used whilst food simmers below in the circular cooking tin
Petromax BBQ & Charcoal Tongs - Long
In stock
Petromax Cast Iron Cookware Chain Mail Cleaner
In stock

High-quality cleaner designed to gently clean food residue from cast or wrought iron cookware

Petromax Cast Iron Grill Fire Skillet
In stock
Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet perfect for grilling on the campfire, stove or Atago BBQ
Petromax Cooking Tripod Lashing Set
In stock
Allows a self-made cooking tripod to be set-up over an open campfire using 3 small tree branches
Petromax Dutch Oven - FT4.5 with Legs
In stock
3.5L capacity dutch oven made of a pre-seasoned cast iron for a range of cooking styles over open fire or charcoal
Petromax Dutch Oven - FT6 with Legs
In stock
5.5L capacity dutch oven made of a pre-seasoned cast iron for a range of cooking styles over open fire or charcoal
Petromax Stovetop Camping Oven
In stock
Portable oven for use with gas stove's, BBQ's or campfires - cook, bake or heat anything that you would in a regular home oven
Petromax Tea Kettle TK1 - 1.5L
In stock
High-quality stainless steel design that can be used on any type of hob or over an open fire or BBQ
Primus Campfire Chef’s Apron
In stock
Made from high-quality G-1000 outdoor fabric for protection and ease of movement - belt buckle has an integrated bottle opener!