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Light My Fire Firelighting Kit

Light My Fire Firelighting Kit

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Complete firelighting kit with Firesteel striker, tinder-on-a-rope and Firefork for cooking on the fire afterwards
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The Light My Fire Firelighting Kit has all you need to get the camp fire or BBQ burning with a FireSteel and Tinder-on-a-rope plus a FireFork for cooking sausages or roasting marshmallows when you’re done.

The Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Scout has a striker and magnesium alloy spark bar which can produce 3,000 sparks at 3000˚C and is designed for use in all weather conditions. Combined with the Tinder-on-a-rope natural Firestarter which is made of easy to light resin you will be able to get a fire started even in damp and wet conditions.

This compact fire lighting set also includes a Firefork which can easily attach to any stick to create a handy BBQ utensil without having to pack a long handle.


  • Firesteel 2.0 Scout striker and spark bar
  • Tinder-on-a-rope natural resin firelighter
  • Firefork stainless steel cooking utentsil
  • Designed for use in wet and windy conditions
  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Compact and lightweight kit


Striker Material: Stainless Steel
Spark Bar Material: Magnesium Alloy
Dimensions: 7.7cm x 2.4cm x 1.4cm
Weight: 27g
Colours: Green/Black

Material: PEFC certified Pine & Hemp cord
Weight: 60g
Dimensions: 16cm x 2cm

Grandpas Firefork
Weight: 10g
Dimensions: 10cm x 4.7cm x 2cm
Material: Stainless Steel / Safety Cap – Tritan (BPA Free plastic)
Colour (Cap): Black

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