Lifesystems Mosquito Smoke Coils - Pack of 10

Product Code: 7050
Pack of 10 coils each providing up to 8 hours of outdoor protection with active insect repellent and light smoke
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Lifesystems Mosquito Coils provide outdoor protection from mosquitos and other biting insects with up to 8 hours of protection per coil. This pack of 10 coils includes 2 stands to keep your coils burning and once lit give of an active insect repellent and smoke which both act as a mosquito deterrent. These coils are ideal for sitting outside on a balcony or at a restaurant after dark when travelling in high mosquito areas.

  • Pack of 10 coils and 2 stands
  • Each coil burns for up to 8 hours
  • For use outdoors in well ventilated areas
  • When lit coils give off active insect repellent and light smoke
  • Contians 0.20% d-Allethrin active ingredient

Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 3cm
Weight: 138g