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Uncompromised quality and performance are at the core of every Lifesystems product.  Lifesystems first aid kits not only have the highest quality contents, but are also comprised of weather and wear-resistant packs. Their mosquito nets are made from strong hexagonal mesh and insect repellents use individually tailored formulas to provide the best protection wherever you’re going.
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Care Plus Click-Away Bite Relief
Reduces inflammation and the urge to itch insect bites with a simple click funtion for up to 1000 bite uses
Lifesystems Bed Bug Undersheet
Netted undersheet treated with EX8 repellent to protect from bedbugs & biting insects - double or single sizes
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Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief Spray - 50ml
Soothing, cooling spray to reduce skin irritation and itching from insect bites and stings - 25ml or 50ml bottles
Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets
Kills bacteria and viruses with no after taste, purifying 1 litre per tablet and safe to drink for up to 3 days
Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito Fabric Treatment
Use on clothing, blankets and other fabrics for protection from mosquitoes & biting insects for several washes
Lifesystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent Spray
25ml, 50ml or 100ml DEET-free, saltidin based spray for use with sensitive skin providing up to 8 hours of protection
Lifesystems Light & Dry First Aid Kit - Nano
Lightweight, 16 item kit for minor injuries & ailments with a efficient waterproof & space saving design
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LifeSystems MicroNet Mosquito Net
Double or single mosquito net with quick hang system, spreader bar and durable skirt to tuck under a matress
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Lifesystems Mini Sterile First Aid Kit
Compact sterile kit for use when travelling to countries where hygienic medical kit is not always available
Lifesystems Mosquito Smoke Coils - Pack of 10
Pack of 10 coils each providing up to 8 hours of outdoor protection with active insect repellent and light smoke
LifeSystems Pop-up Mosquito and Midge Head Net Hat
This wide brimmed hat with head net has ultra-fine drop down netting to protect from mosquitos and midges
Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer Refills - 5 Pack
Choose from liquid and tablet refills for the Lifesystems plug-in and portable mosquito killer units
Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer Unit
Battery operated killing biting insects and mosquitos with odourless scent for up to 6 nights on one cartridge
Lifesystems Safety Whistle with Lanyard
Durable plastic whistle with 108dB performance and included on the D of E recommended kit list
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Lifesystems Survival Bag
Wind & waterproof blanket designed to efficiently retain heat with a 1-2 person capacity in high vis orange