Kampa Awning Eco Friendly Cleaner Spray - 1 Litre

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Eco-friendly cleaner for synthetic & colour fast canvas fabrics in tents and awnings


This Kampa Awning & Tent Cleaner Spray has a unique eco-friendly formula designed to break down dirt and grime on microscopic levels whilst protecting your awnings delicate fabric. Suitable for synthetic and colour fast canvas awning and tent fabrics this cleaner has a pleasant strawberry scent and comes in a 1 litre spray nozzle bottle that is designed to be refilled.

Environmentally friendly with a pH Balanced, phosphate free, and biodegradable formula this cleaner will remove green algae, black streaks, diesel fumes and overwintering grime and acts as a UV protectant.


  • Breaks down dirt and grime to microscopic levels
  • Suitable for synthetic and colour fast canvas fabrics
  • pH balanced, phosphate free, biodegradable
  • Strawberry scented
  • 1 litre spray bottle with refillable design

Volume: 1 Litre
Weight: 1.1kg
Directions for Use:

1. Apply to the desired surface from bottom to top and allow 1 to minutes to soak in (ensure products doesn’t dry).

2. Agitate any stains with a sponge or soft bristle brush.

3. Rinse product off thoroughly with fresh water from top to bottom.

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