Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip

Product Code: MODEL36
Larger sized hammock for those over 6ft tall with a 136kg weight limit, 3 min set up & zipped side entrance
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The Hennessy Hammock Zip are Hennessys zippered variation of the Classic Explorer Deluxe Asym but instead of the Velcro bottom entrance the new hammocks have side-opening zipped entrances.

At 2.75m (9ft) long the Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip is designed specifically for people over 6 feet tall and has a weight limit of 136kg (21stone).  This explorer hammock has great proportions and is spacious enough to bring a lightweight pack inside.

If you have been shopping around looking at ultra-light outdoor camping gear and equipment as an alternative to a heavy tent this hammock might be the most important piece of outdoor kit that you ever buy! 

With a little practice a Hennessy Hammock can be set up in 3mins. Sleeping in a hammock means no more roots, rocks and puddles coming through the floor of your tent and no more aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground.

Tree covered and even sloping terrain is perfect for camping hammocks as they can be easily levelled out but with the addition of a couple of walking poles or sticks Hennessy Hammocks also make excellent shelters/bashas. Hennessy Hammocks can also be set up as a tent/shelter with the use of a car, campervan, motorcycle or cycle to tie up one end (see above images) making them ideal for road trips.

Due to the totally unique design of the Explorer Asym Zip you’ll experience a level of comfort outdoors almost as good as your bed at home and maybe even better. The Hennessy Hammock Explorer is the first hammock that supports your back like a quality mattress – you’ll wake up in the morning feeling great. Some owners of Hennessy Hammocks claim that they come home from their adventure feeling better than when they left.

The Asym part of the name comes from the asymmetrical shape that is the key in the Hennessy design as lying on the diagonal is the secret for maximum comfort in hammocks.  Hennessy Hammock designed the first hammock with a diagonal axis and moved the right side anchor point of the hammock down by the position of the knee and the left side anchor point up by the shoulder which makes the hammock feel longer with a wider 'sweet spot' of comfort. The designers at Hennessy then did the same for the rainfly and added 30% more fabric for excellent coverage.

The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Asym Zip has built-in insect netting, mesh pocket on ridgeline and webbing straps to protect the bark of trees. The Explorer  is supplied in a hardwearing drawstring storage bag with full set up and care instructions printed on the back.

The waterproof rain-fly is polyurethane coated polyester ripstop nylon and may be tilted to any angle, rolled up above, removed or used separately.

Hammock Weight: 1.42kg
User Weight Limit: 136kg (21 stone)
Hammock fabric: 210 D oxford nylon
Canopy fabric: 70D Polyurethane coated Rip-stop Polyester
Stuff sack: Logo and set up instructions printed on Ripstop nylon bag with drawstring                  
Hammock dimensions: 275cm x 142cm
Canopy dimensions: Parallelogram 178cm (short side) x 284cm (long side) x 325cm (short diagonal) x 355cm (long diagonal)
Packed size: 28cm x 18cm x 12cm
Set-up-time: 3 minutes
Colours: Coyote brown hammock and rain fly

Hennessy Hammock Snakeskin
A Hennessy Hammock “Snakeskin” is the revolutionary silicone impregnated nylon sleeve type tube that slides over the hammock for quick and convenient set up and take down (see photos above right). 
Classic Velcro Bottom Entrance or Side Zip Entrance?
Some Hennessy Hammock users suggested to Hennessy that they should make a hammock with a side entrance for people who prefer to use a sleep mat inside their hammock.  So those clever guys at Hennessy have obliged and added this new zip side entry.

UK Hennessy Hammock users now have a choice between the classic bottom entry hammock or the newly designed side zip entry hammock and as you’d expect from Hennessy both types of hammock have the same quality and comfort.

Hennessy have no plans to discontinue the classic Velcro bottom entrance design and still predict that this will be the hammock of choice for more advanced users because of the reliability of the Velcro.  The new side entry hammocks are expected to appeal to those who are new to hammock camping as they are easier to work out and also to those hard core, sub-zero hammock campers who may find an insulation sleep mat easier to use with the side zip.

About Hennessy Hammocks
The goal of Hennessy Hammock is to produce the lightest, most comfortable camping hammocks on the market.  Hennessy Hammocks are built with the highest quality materials including the lightest, strongest, most tightly-woven fabrics available.

Hennessy Hammocks only use high quality, low-stretch polyester and spectra ropes with parallel fibre cores in their manufacturing. 


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