Grangers Waterproofing

Grangers make specialist cleaning and waterproofing products like Fabsil and Fabsil Gold to clean, protect and restore the performance of tents, awnings, backpacks, GORE-TEX clothing and boots, in fact with Grangers waterproofer its possible to waterproof practically any fabric.  Choose from the range of water based, environmentally friendly, wash-in, spray or brush-on cleaners, waterproofers and protectors
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Grangers Clothing Wash & Repel
Water-based, wash-in cleaner which restores water repellency for use all waterproof breathable clothing fabrics
Grangers Fabsil Universal Tent & Gear Cleaner
Biodegradable, mild detergent which dilutes in water for a residue free clean for a range of outdoor gear fabrics
Fabsil Gold Tent & Awning Waterproofer
High strength 1l silicone waterproofer with UV treatment for your outdoor kit and an odourless & colourless finish
Fabsil Universal Protector Tent & Awning Waterproofer Spray
A spray-on, silicone based waterproofer for a range of fabrics with an odourless & colourless finish
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Grangers Gear Cleaner
Eco-friendly, water-based, gear cleaner which maintains water repellency and works without a washing machine
Grangers Universal Footwear Repel Spray
Easy application spray that repels water and stains whilst maintaining breathability - suitable for all footwear
Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Apparel Spray
Simple spray-on, air-dry formula to add repellency & retain breath-ability in waterproof clothing & outdoor gear
Grangers Clothing Repel - Wash-In Water Repellent
Wash-in water-proofer designed to restore the water-repellent finish on all outdoor waterproof clothing
Grangers Performance Wash
Removes dirt and eliminates odours whilst maintaining breathability & water-repellency of technical fabrics