Founded in 1937, Grangers started business as a manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing solutions. In 1947, Grangers introduced the world to the very first water-based waterproofing solution and their products were used during the first successful Everest expedition in 1953! Granger’s newest formulations are ecologically friendly – and more effective than ever.
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Grangers Clothing Wash & Repel
Water-based, wash-in cleaner which restores water repellency for use all waterproof breathable clothing fabrics
Grangers Gear Cleaner
Eco-friendly, water-based, gear cleaner which maintains water repellency and works without a washing machine
Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Apparel Spray
Simple spray-on, air-dry formula to add repellency & retain breath-ability in waterproof clothing & outdoor gear
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Grangers Universal Footwear Repel Spray
Easy application spray that repels water and stains whilst maintaining breathability - suitable for all footwear