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Weird and wonderful, well designed funky gifts and presents for friends and family who enjoy more day to day outdoor lifestyles… walkers, joggers, cyclists, dog-walkers etc...
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Ticket To The Moon 15 Litre Mini Parachute Backpack
Packing down to a pocket size bag this backpack is made of ultralight,durable and breathable parachute silk
Zippo Deluxe Hand Warmer
This sleek and compact Zippo Deluxe Hand Warmer uses Zippo lighter fluid to produce more than ten times the heat of disposable heat packs
Nitestik Glow Stick Safety Markers
Natural glow-at-night luminescent pigments, ideal for marking kit & zips with no batteries required
Matador Micro Pocket Blanket
A water and puncture resistant 4 person picnic blanket weighing just 110g and folding into a pocket size bag
Nite-Ize BugLit LED Micro Flashlight
Innovative LED torch uses legs to wrap around or hang from objects for optimal lighting with 4 light modes
Evercreatures Diesel Triumph Wellies
These Triumph wellies have real attitude with a stylish faux zip at the back and strap and buckle detailing
Alite Monarch Collapsible Micro Chair - Capitola Blue
Ultra-compact, comfortable, two-leg rocking style chair with a lightweight collapsible aluminium frame
Ergolife Stol Portable Roll-Up Chair
A durable Swedish designed chair with ergonomic back support and a roll down design for a compact pack size
Talolo Boots Cowboy Wellies - Festival Vibe
Eye catching cowboy wellington boots with a flattering close cut design, cuban heel & stylish paisley print
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Talolo Boots Cowboy Wellies - Boho Snakeskin
Stylish low cut cowboy wellies with a chocolate brown faux snakeskin design and 6cm cuban heel
Voltaic Fuse 6W Solar Charger Pouch
Attaches securely to rucksacks, tents, etc. for charging on the go with a 6W solar panel and 4000mAh battery
GSI Never Tipsy Stemless Wine Glass
BPA-free wine glass with an ergonomic grip and kick stand ring to help prevent tipping and spills when camping
UST Fire Building How-To Quick Reference Cards
Pocket guide on the essential skill of fire building with quick reference step-by-step instructions & photos
UST Way Finding How-To Quick Reference Cards
Pocket guide for trekkers on way finding without a map or compass with step-by-step instructions & photos
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
Wood fuelled stove over 3 times more efficient than an open fire with less smoke emissions and a pot support
Highlander Paracord Shackle Bracelet
3 metres of 10mm paracord with 190kg capacity, integrated emergency whistle & quick release buckle
LUMO Clip Light – Carabiner Micro Lantern
Micro Lantern with Carabiner which can be clipped onto a tent, backpack, bag, belt loop, keyring etc...
LifeVenture Titanium Vacuum Insulated Mug
Made of lightweight food grade titanium with vacuum insulated double wall construction & folding handle
Matador Droplet – Wet/Dry Micro Storage Bag
Ultra-compact, pocket sized 3 litre dry bag with silicone container and key chain attachment
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Nite-Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball
Play fetch into the night with this tough colour changing, waterproof, motion activated LED dog ball
Vango Deep Sleep Travel Pillow
Ultra-compact air filled pillow which weighs just 70g with a brushed polyester fabric for comfort