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Telescopic Flagpoles

Flagpole Ground Stakes

Flagpole Ground Stakes

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Made from solid GRP for securing flagpoles into the ground so they are freestanding - standard & super sizes
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Flagpole Ground Stakes are made from solid GRP with a point at one end and are used to secure flagpoles into the ground so they are freestanding.  There are two sizes of pole stakes – a Standard Pole Stake which is 100cm x 10mm Ø and a Super Pole Stake which is 125cm x 20mm Ø and the equivalent strength of 3 standard pole stakes.
Standard Pole Stakes are used for flagpoles up to 6m – Super Stakes are recommended for flagpole heights 6m and above and will not fit in flagpoles smaller than this. Standard stakes should be knocked in separately but can be grouped together in 2, 3 and even 4 stakes to add more strength.  As standard stakes are shorter and lighter this method sometimes works better for transporting them when space or weight is an issue.
There is no real formula as to the size and quantity of pole stakes required as this depends on many factors… the height of flagpole, size of flag/windsock, quantity of flags/windsocks attached, wind speed etc… We have some recommended quantities and sizes below based on maximum amount of stakes that will physically fit different size flagpoles.
2.7m Pocket Flagpole:       1 x Pocket Pole Stake or 1 x Standard Pole Stake
4m Pocket Flagpole:          1 x Pocket Pole Stake or 1 x Standard Pole Stake
3m Telescopic Flagpole:     1 x Standard Pole Stake
5m Telescopic Flagpole:     2 or 3 x Standard Pole Stakes
6m Telescopic Flagpole:     2 or 3 x Standard Pole Stakes or 1 x Super Pole Stake
8m Telescopic Flagpole:     1 x Super Pole Stake
9m Telescopic Flagpole:     1 x Super Pole Stake
10m Telescopic Flagpole:   1 x Super Pole Stake
6m Pro Pole:                    1 x Super Pole Stake
Common sense should always be used - if it’s blowing a gale or really gusty maybe fly just a single flag/windsock or take your flagpole down altogether as it could blow over or even snap.
Standard Pole Stake Specifications
Dimensions: 100cm x 10mm Ø
Weight: 150g
Super Pole Stake Specifications
Dimensions: 125cm x 20mm Ø
Weight: 700g
How to fix a telescopic flag pole to the ground using a pole stake:
1. Check that there aren’t any underground pipes, cables or overhead power lines then use a mallet to knock a Pole Stake or group of Pole Stakes (one at a time) into to ground approximately 20cm or 30cm deep.
2. After you have extended the pole and attached a windsock or flag simply unscrew the cap from the bottom section and slide over the pole stakes.

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