Feuerhand 276 Lantern Replacement Wicks

Brand: Petromax  |  Product Code: W-276x5  |  Weight: 0.05kg  |  

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Pack of 5 natural cotton replacement wicks for Feuerhand lanterns 


Always a good idea to pack a few replacement wicks for your Feuerhand 276 Hurricane Lantern, particularly for longer trips.  The wick is made from natural cotton so that it burns reliably and safely.  The flat wick is 12cm long so there is no need for trimming and these wicks will also fit other lanterns that use a 12.5mm wide wick.


  • Natural cotton for a safe and reliable burn
  • 12cm length so no need to trim for Feuerhand lanterns
  • Can be used on other lamps with a 12.5mm wick width
  • Supplied in pack of 5

Dimensions: 1.25cm x 12cm
Weight: 20g
Colour: Natural White Cotton

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