Festival Friendly Stoves & Grills

Safe festival friendly stoves, compact campfire grills, solid fuel stoves, folding BBQs, portable BBQ grills, wood burning stoves, solid fuel cookers, collapsible barbeques and eco-friendly solid fuel for cooking at festivals.  Most UK festivals have now banned gas canisters and pressurised fuel so if you’re someone who needs coffee as soon as they wake, are festivalling on a budget or just prefer to cook around a campfire you’ll need a safe, festival friendly cooker or grill.
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Folding Campfire Grill - Small
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Folding Campfire Grill - Large
Lightweight grill with folding legs and space for multiple pans ideal for cooking around the campfire
Heavy Duty Campfire Grill
Sturdy steel framed grill suitable for cast iron cooking over an open fire with folding legs for simple storage
Grilliput Collapsible Barbeque Grill
The smallest, most compact barbeque on the market – fits in your pocket!
Grilliput Compact Firebowl
Compact, collapsible, stainless steel firebowl - use it with the Grilliput Barbeque or on its own
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Petromax BK1 Hobo Stove – Pocket Woodstove
Lightweight, stainless steel woodstove that folds flat with a stack effect design for efficient burning
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
Wood fuelled stove over 3 times more efficient than an open fire with less smoke emissions and a pot support
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Clean burning wood stove with a compact design which can also use solid fuel and includes a pot support
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Vango Eco Bio-Ethanol Gel Fuel
Eco-friendly fuel available in 250ml or 1l pouches with non-toxic, smokeless burn & a non-spill safety design
Hexi Solid Fuel Stove
Lightweight, strong and compact solid fuel stove supplied with 4 large Hexene fuel tabs as used by the military... perfect for festivals, backpacking and wild camping.
Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets - Pack of 8
For use with Hexi stoves
Petromax Atago Retracting BBQ Grill & Fire Pit
Stainless steel, German designed BBQ that retracts to a compact size & can also be used as a stove, oven or fire pit
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Convection Lid
Lightwieght, heat-proof lid for using the Atago BBQ as a convection oven or smoker for baking/smoking food
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Storage Bag
Durable ripstop nlyon with reinforced base for carrying Atago BBQ and protecting other kit from any soot/ash
UCO Flatpack Portable BBQ Grill & Firepit
Durable stainless steel grill which packs flat when not in use, sets up in seconds & can also be used as a firepit
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