Drive-Away Awning Lighting

Drive-Away Awning Lighting to create a home from home atmosphere including subtle LED mood lighting, retro lanterns, solar lanterns, globe lights and dimmable LED strips with remote controls from Vango, Kampa and Outdoor Revolution…

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Luci Candle Inflatable Solar Lantern
Add a touch of Zen to your Dub or turn your drive-away awning into a relaxing chill out space
Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern
light up any drive-away awning space with 10 x bright white LED lantern with 3 x brightness settings
Luci Colour Sparkling Mood Lighting Inflatable Solar Lantern
Match the ambient glow of the light to the colour of your VW campervan or setting
Luci Colour Essence Inflatable Solar Lantern
Slightly more refined colour pallete than the Luci Colour that can create a more peaceful atmosphere
PowerPlus Firefly Wind Up and Rechargeable LED Tent Light
Rechargeable LED tent light with 4 settings: white normal or high power - red night vision or flashing SOS
Vango Rocket 120 Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern
LED lantern with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and rechargeable battery capable of charging phones
Vango Rocket 120 Rechargeable Mini Lantern
Rechargeable mini camping lantern with high-strength LEDs - 40 or 120 Lumens light modes
Vango Sunbeam 450 LED Awning Light System
Four warm lights with splitter and extension leads to light-up different areas - power from 3-pin or 12V socket
Vango Sunbeam 450 LED Awning Light Starter Set
Two warm 450 lumen awning lights with 3 pin plug for use with an inverter or electric hook-up
Vango Sunbeam 450 LED Awning Light Extension Set
Add this light extension to the Sunbeam Starter Set to illuminate another area
Kampa SabreLink Flex Dimmable 12V LED Awning Light
Create cool ambient lighting in your drive-away awning at the touch of the remote control dimmer switch
Kampa SabreLink Flex 12V LED Awning Light – Add-On Kit
Link one or two of these ‘Add-On Kits’ onto the master light to illuminate multiple areas
Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Link 12V Tube Light Kit
Dimmable triple LED strip light kit with remote control - create soft lighting ambience in a drive-away awning
Kampa Mains Roller Reel 240V Electric Hook-Up Lead
Electric hook-up reel with 15m extension cable, 3 x 3-pin sockets, 2 x USB ports and a bright LED light
Outdoor Revolution Lumi Mosquito Light
Rechargeable 2 in 1 LED light combined with an ultra-violet mosquito killer to keep an awning mozzi free
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Vango Galaxy 36 LED Dynamo/Solar/12V/240V Rechargeable Eco Lantern
Eco-friendly, 60 lumen LED lantern that can be charged via wind up, solar, 240V mains or 12V car charger
Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Lite USB Awning Light
An awning ceiling light, portable lantern or uplighter/downlighter when combined with the shade system
Outdoor Revolution Up/Downlighter Reflective Light Shades – Pack of 2
Create a home style ambient lighting effect in any Movelite Air Drive-Away Awning 2018 onwards
Outdoor Revolution Up/Downlighter Awning Light System – Pack of 2
Light system includes 2 x Lumi-Lite Awning Lights and 2 x Up/Downlighter Reflective Shades
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LuminAID PackLite Spectra – Colour Changing Solar LED Lantern
Inflatable, colour changing solar lantern with up to 12 hours of ambient lighting per charge & fully waterproof
Vango Genie 100 Rechargable Lantern
Retro rechargable lantern with up to 100 lumens of light with multiple lighting modes for ambience
LED Hurricane Lantern Retro Style Camping Lamp
16 LED classic style scout lantern with an energy saving dimmer switch and top carry handle
Summit Hurricane Lantern Retro LED Lamp– Cream
An antique hurricane oil lamp to finish that retro camping look but with the safety and convenience of LEDs
Summit Hurricane Lantern Retro LED Lamp– Green
This retro lantern looks like an antique hurricane oil lamp but actually has the safety and convenience of LEDs