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Drive-Away Awning Accessories

Awning accessories to make life in a drive-away awning a bit more like home including dimmable LED lighting strips, portaflush toilets, retro style lanterns, cool boxes etc…

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Kampa Hottie Portable Camping Gas Heater
Portable heater which uses standard butane cartridges and can help warm up a tent or campervan awning
Vango Adjustable Awning/Tent Steel King Poles – 180cm to 220cm
Transform the front door of a Kela/Idris awning or tent into an adjustable height sun canopy porch
Kampa 30 Litre Electric Cool Box Fridge
This fridge cools to 20°C below ambient temperature connecting via 12V or 240V with an efficient 48W output
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Vango AirBeam Double Action Alloy Pump - 2017
High efficiency pump that will inflate AirBeams even faster with much less effort and a PSI pressure valve
Vango Camping Mallet
Rubber head with a strong wooden handle & peg extraction hook for getting pegs in & out of tough ground
Vango Compact Awning Storage Unit Organiser
Ideal organiser for tents and awnings folding to a compact size with 9 cubby holes for boots and other gear
Vango Luminous Glow in the Dark Rock Pegs - 5 pack
Heavy-duty steel rock pegs with 20cm length for even the toughest ground & luminous tips to avoid any trips
Highlander Portable Camping Gas Heater
This heater runs on butane self sealing cartridges with a piezo ignition and can be used to heat up a tent or campervan awning
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Vango Peg Extractor
Easily remove pegs from tough ground using this metal peg extractor with a rounded handle for comfort
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Kampa Limpet Suction Cup System – 8 Pack
Heavy-duty sucker fixing system that can be used for attaching awning and tent fabrics to smooth surfaces
Kampa Portaflush 10 Flushing Portable Toilet
Fully flushing, easy to empty compact adult toilet with double sealed valves available with a 10 litre waste tank
Kampa Portaflush 20 Flushing Portable Toilet
Fully flushing, easy to empty compact adult toilet with double sealed valves available with a 20 litre waste tank
Kampa Rapid Dissolve Porta Toilet Paper – 4 Pack
4 pack of eco-friendly, 2-ply toilet paper designed for use with portable toilets with 200 sheets per roll
Kampa Dual Nature Portable Toilet Waste/Flush Tank Fluid – 2 Litres
Combined flush and waste tank treatment with a lightly scented, eco-friendly formula which dissolves waste
Kampa Blue Portable Toilet Waste Tank Fluid – 2 Litres
Strong anti-bacterial waste treatment fluid for flushing & non-flushing porta toilets with a pleasant fragrance
Vango AirBeam Sky Hook - Pack of 10
Pack of 10 hooks compatible with 2018 AirBeam Awnings featuring Vangos Sky Track system for hanging gear
Vango AirBeam Awning Sky Basket Organiser
Perfect for keeping loose change, torches, keys, wallets, purses, mobiles etc... off table surfaces and the floor
Vango AirBeam Awning Sky Storage Organiser - 5 Pockets
Additional storage to help keep an airbeam drive-away awning neat and tidy
Vango AirBeam Awning Sky Storage Organiser - 8 Pockets
Creates additional storage to help organise your drive-away awning and keep smaller items in a safe place
Vango AirBeam Awning Sky Storage Organiser - 10 Pockets
Ideal for organising and storing anything that you normally spend time searching for in your awning
Vango AirBeam Awning Sky Storage Organiser - 9 Pockets
Perfect for organising and storing smaller items like torches, keys, wallets, purses, mobiles etc…
Kampa Mains Roller Reel 240V Electric Hook-Up Lead
Electric hook-up reel with 15m extension cable, 3 x 3-pin sockets, 2 x USB ports and a bright LED light
Outdoor Revolution Air Pod Double Inner Tent
Free standing inflatable inner tent can be positioned anywhere within any drive-away awning
Outdoor Revolution Drive-Away Awning Guidance Strips - Pair
Reflective strips make it easy to guide your van back into position ready to reconnect to your awning
Retrofit Sun/Rain Canopy for Vango Kela & Idris Awnings
This waterproof canopy can be fitted over the front AirBeam of a Kela or Idris for extra shade and shelter
Vango Groundbreaker Glow Pegs with Extactor - Set of 20
Set of 20 glow top pegs with extractor in a hard case providing visibility and reduce trips when camping
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