Dometic Awning Drive-Away Kit – Twin 6mm/4mm

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Easily connect and detach a drive-away awning to a VW California multi-rail, C-channel rail or wind-out awning

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The Dometic Twin 6mm/4mm Drive-Away Kit has 6mm to dual 6mm and 4mm kador beading to connect a drive-away awning to any awning rail or wind-out awning on the market.  This kit is ideal for connecting a drive-away awning or sun canopy directly into a VW California awning rail.

This universal kit is compatible with all Vango, Kampa and Outdoor Revolution drive away awnings and all C-profile awning rails/wind-out awnings.

A drive-away kit enables one person to detach/reconnect a van from/to a drive-away awning in just a couple of minutes.

To Connect: 1. Slide the 3 x 100cm Figure of 8 sections onto the awning bead at the top of the awning connection tunnel.  2. Slide one edge of the Kador Strip piping into the Figure of 8 and the other edge into the C-profile on the edge of the awning rail or wind-out awning at the same time.  For connection directly into a California rail, slide in both Twin 6mm and 4mm edges - see image 4 above.

To Detach: Loosen off front webbing straps/guylines of the awning and slide out the double sided Kador Strip.

Top Tip: to make reconnection easier, mark your position at the drivers side wheels with a guyline before driving away.

  • Dual 6mm & 4mm beading for connecting to awning rails and wind-out awnings
  • Ideal for connecting a drive-away awning or sun canopy awning directly into a VW California rail
  • Includes 3 x 100cm lengths Figure of 8
  • 100% secure attachment
  • Fits wind-out awnings, C-channel rail, Reimo Multi-Rail and VW California rail
  • Compatible with all Kampa, Vango and Outdoor Revolution drive-away awnings
Figure of 8: 3 x 100cm lengths

Kador Strip: 3m double beaded 6mm to 4mm/6mm Ø core (7mm to 5mm/7mm overall Ø)
Includes: 3 x sections of Figure of 8 channel and 1 x 3m length of Double/Twin Edge Kador Strip
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