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Cooking in the Wild

Multi-fuel cookers, omni-fuel stoves, ultra-light gas burners, hexi stoves, Power gas canisters, butane gas cartridges, solid and liquid fuel… cooking solutions wild camping, backpacking and expeditions from Primus, Wild Woodgas etc..




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Primus Mimer Duo Camping Stove
Compact stove using a duo valve system with adjustable flame control for efficiency & fixed pot support
Vango Folding Stove with Piezo & Windshield
Folding stove featuring an integrated piezo ignition & windshield with a low & stable design
Primus OmniFuel II Stove
Runs on any fuel from LP gas to aviation fuel with efficient & robust design for performance in all conditions
Primus OmniLite Ti Mult-fuel Stove
Advanced multi-fuel stove kit with fuel efficient & reliable performance at an ultra compact & lightweight size
Highlander Blade Fastboil MK II - All-In-One Compact Stove
Compact and efficient all in one cooker with a 1.1l pot and piezo ignition for use with screw on cartridges
Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt
Clean burning wood stove with a compact design which can also use solid fuel and includes a pot support
Hexi Solid Fuel Stove
Lightweight, strong and compact solid fuel stove supplied with 4 large Hexene fuel tabs as used by the military
Lifeventure Titanium Mug
Ultralight, single walled mug whichcan be used directly on a flame to heat liquids & has a folding handle
Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets - Pack of 8
Pack of 8 Large Hexamine solid fuel tablets for use with Hexi Stove or other similar stoves
LifeVenture Titanium Vacuum Insulated Mug
Made of lightweight food grade titanium with vacuum insulated double wall construction & folding handle
Lifeventure Titanium Plate
Lightweight & durable titanium plate weighing just 66g with high sides to hold food & prevent spills
Vango Eco Bio-Ethanol Spirit Fuel - 1 Litre
Eco-friendly fuel which offers long burning and smokeless performance made from renewable sources
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Primus Power Gas Cartridge - 100g, 230g & 450g
3 sizes of Primus PowerGas cartridge for use with Primus and other portable gas cookers
Highlander Aluminium Folding Windshield
Lightweight aluminium windshield which can help increase cooking efficiency and folds flat if not in use
Service Kit for Primus Omnifuel II Stove
Always a good idea to carry a Service Kit for your Primus Omnifuel if you are going on an extended trip.
Service Kit for Primus Omnifuel Stove
Always a good idea to carry a Service Kit for your Primus Omnifuel if you are going on an extended trip.
Primus Service Kit for OmniLite Ti Stove
Compact and lighweight kit with service/cleaning instructions and parts for the OmniLite Ti stove
Lifeventure Titanium Spork
Durable titanium alloy, all-in-one fork & spoon with karibiner clasp for easily attaching to gear
Lifeventure Titanium Knife Fork Spoon Set
Ultralight and durable, with a sandblasted handle for easy grip and karabiner attachment point
Travel Coffee Filter / Java Drip
Ultralight personal coffee filter from GSI Outdoors
Lifeventure All-Purpose Soap
100 or 200ml bottle of biodegradable soap designed as a shampoo, body wash, clothes wash or to wash dishes
LifeVenture Ultralight Collapsible Bucket
Durable and compact 15 litre bucket which stands independently ideal for collecting and storing water