Cook Sets, Pans & Kettles

VW Camper Cooking Gear offers coffee pots for open campfires, camp kettles, cook sets, frying pans, saucepans, retro camping tableware, cutlery, folding washing up bowels, water carriers, collapsible plates, bowls and mugs


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Vango 4 Person Non-Stick Cook Set
Out of stock
£30.00 SAVE 17%
Cookset for group or family cooking with 2 large saucepans, 1 large frying pan & 4 plastic mugs which stow away
Kampa Stacker Cook Set
In stock
£58.50 SAVE 23%
Stowable set of two saucepans with detachable handles for compact storage and non-stick surface
Vango Gourmet Non-Stick Camp Cook Kit
In stock
£52.00 SAVE 17%
High-quality non-stick saucepans and frying pan with detachable handle - pans nestle inside each other
Petromax Cast Iron Dutch Ovens
In stock
From: £64.99
Cast iron pots for roasting and baking on an open fire or barbeque
Petromax Wrought Iron Frying Pans
In stock
From: £29.99
Wrought iron pans with excellent thermal properties and patina that improves with use
Kampa Stacker Frying Pan
In stock
£29.00 SAVE 14%
Non-stick frying pan with a large 24cm diameter and detachable locking handle for compact storage
Primus Campfire Stainless Steel Cookset - Small
In stock
£80.00 SAVE 21%
Premium quality 18/8 stainless-steel pan set designed to withstand years and years of service
Primus Campfire Stainless Steel Cookset - Large
Out of stock
£95.00 SAVE 26%
Premium quality pans and frying pan designed to withstand years of service - easy to store in a VW camper
Petromax Perkomax Enamel Coffee Percolator Pot - Black
In stock
£49.99 SAVE 14%
High quality enamel steel 1.5 litre coffee percolator - can be used on an open fire or BBQ
Primus LiTech Anodised Aluminium Kettle - 1.5L
In stock
£29.00 SAVE 17%
Ultra-lightweight hard-anodised aluminium camp kettle with folding handle
Primus Campfire Stainless Steel Frying Pan
In stock
£40.00 SAVE 13%
High-quality 25cm diameter stainless steel pan with folding handle and aluminium base for even heat distribution
Primus Stainless Steel CampFire Pot - 3 Litres
In stock
£40.00 SAVE 13%
High-quality 3 litre stainless steel billy can style cooking pot suitable for open fires and camping stoves
Foldable Water Carrier - 8 Litres
In stock
£6.00 SAVE 9%
Lighweight water carrier with handy on/off tap and flow system - folds down for easy storage
Kampa Folding Bucket - 5 or 10  Litres
In stock
From: £5.99
£7.50 SAVE 20%
Tough silicone/plastic bucket with swivel handle and hanging eye - folds down flat for easy storage
Kampa Folding Washing Bowl – Medium
In stock
£12.00 SAVE 17%
Can be used as a hand basin or for washing-up - folds almost flat for easy storage in a VW Bus
Kampa Collapsible Silicone Colander
In stock
Lightweight food grade silicone and stainless steel, this colander folds flat when not in use to easily stow in a camper
Kampa Croque Toasted Sandwich Maker
In stock
From: £16.99
£21.00 SAVE 19%
Cook toast, toasted sandwiches and other snacks with lock together handles and food grade aluminum material
Petromax Sandwich Iron
In stock
Cast iron toasted sandwich maker suitable for toasting bread, crumpets, bagels etc on openfires and bbqs
Kampa Folding Saucepans
In stock
From: £18.99
£21.75 SAVE 13%
1L, 1.5L or 3L saucepans which fold down to 4.5cm thick - ideal for the smaller storage cupboards of a VW Camper
Kampa Billy 2 Whistling Camping Kettle
In stock
This strong, lightweight kettle has a 2 litre capacity and whistles to indicate when water is boiling
Petromax Storage Bag for Dutch Ovens
In stock
Rip-stop nylon carry bag with handles and removable base for Petromax Dutch Ovens
Vango 2 Litre Stainless Steel Camping Kettle
In stock
£16.00 SAVE 19%
Retro design stainless steel kettle with a whistle and folding heat resistant handle for compact storage
Kampa Splash Jerrycan Water Carrier with Tap - 10 or 23 Litres
In stock
From: £15.99
£20.50 SAVE 22%
UK made with quality seals and tap - not too heavy to carry back from the tap and easy to stow in VW camper
Vango 10 Litre Jerrycan Water Carrier with Tap
Out of stock
£15.00 SAVE 13%
Not too heavy to carry back from the campsite water tap and easy to stow in VW camper
Kampa Collapsible Non-Stick Frying Pan
In stock
24cm non-stick frying pan with collapsible design to fold flat when not in use with cool touch fold in handles
Kampa Universal Camp Cooker/Stove Windshield
In stock
£18.50 SAVE 24%
Improves cooking efficiency and safety with folding design and universal suction cup connection