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Camp Cookers, BBQ's, & Grills

Even with a fitted cooker inside the Dub, alfresco cooking, barbecues and open fires go hand in hand with a VW camper and we have on offer here the best selection of compact folding gas cookers, BBQ’s, grills and fire pits.





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Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit BBQ/Fire Pit - Compact
Compact, folding barbecue/fire pit - ready to light up in seconds and easy to stow in a VW camper
Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit BBQ/Fire Pit – Large
Large scissor action fire pit/BBQ - ready to light up in seconds and easy to fold flat and stow in a VW camper
Petromax Atago Retracting BBQ Grill & Fire Pit
Stainless steel, German designed BBQ that retracts to a compact size & can also be used as a stove, oven or fire pit
UCO Flatpack Portable BBQ Grill & Firepit
Durable stainless steel grill which packs flat when not in use, sets up in seconds & can also be used as a firepit
Folding Campfire Grill - Large
Lightweight grill with folding legs and space for multiple pans ideal for cooking around the campfire
Heavy Duty Campfire Grill
Sturdy steel framed grill suitable for cast iron cooking over an open fire with folding legs for simple storage
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EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
Wood fuelled stove over 3 times more efficient than an open fire with less smoke emissions and a pot support
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Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove
High quality, German made, extremely efficient and easy to use - never buy camping gas again!
Kampa Alfresco Double Gas Hob & Grill
This cooker has 2 adjustable hobs & a grill which packs flat when not in use, running on butane/propane cylinders
Primus Onja Duo Gas Stove
High performance two-burner stove with an integrated messenger carry bag and uses standard gas cartridges
Primus Tupike Two-Burner Gas Stove
Quality stainless steel stove with piezo ignition running on smaller gas canisters or larger refillable cylinders
Vango Combi IR Grill Double Cooker
Fold-out two-burner cooker with a central infrared grill and auto-piezo ignition on adjustable heat controls
Highlander Compact Portable Gas Camping Cooker
Classic camping cooker with a single ring burner, piezo ignition & hard carry case running on butane cartridges
Butane Gas Cartridges  220g - Pack of 4
220g butane gas cartridges are designed to be used with portable gas camping stoves and camping heaters.
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Convection Lid
Lightwieght, heat-proof lid for using the Atago BBQ as a convection oven or smoker for baking/smoking food
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Storage Bag
Durable ripstop nlyon with reinforced base for carrying Atago BBQ and protecting other kit from any soot/ash
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove - Storage Bag
Strong padded fabric storage bag with reinforced sides and base - ideal for storing the Rocket Stove in the Dub
Primus Power Gas Cartridge - 100g, 230g & 450g
3 sizes of Primus PowerGas cartridge for use with Primus and other portable gas cookers
Kampa Screw-On Butane Gas Regulator
Low pressure regulator suitable for use with 4.5kg, 7kg and 15kg Calor Gas Butane gas cylinders
Kampa Alfresco Double Gas Hob & Grill - Carry Bag
Heavy duty, handled carry bag for the Alfresco Double Grill protecting your vans interior from any cooking residue
Kampa Butane/Propane Gas Hose Pack
1 metre gas hose with 2 hose clips compatible with most stoves, cookers & butane or propane gas regulators
Kampa Propane Calor Gas Regulator – Hand Tighten
Low pressure regulator for use with all Calor Gas Propane cylinders including a hand-wheel for easy tightening