BBQ's, Campfire Grills & Fire Pits

Even with a fitted cooker inside the Dub, alfresco cooking, barbecues and open fires go hand in hand with a VW camper and we have on offer here the best selection of compact wood burning stoves, folding BBQ’s, campfire grills and fire pits from Primus, Petromax, Grilliput...



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Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit BBQ/Fire Pit - Compact
In stock
£160.00 SAVE 16%
Compact, folding barbecue/fire pit - ready to light up in seconds and easy to stow in a VW camper
Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit BBQ/Fire Pit – Large
In stock
£180.00 SAVE 17%
Large scissor action fire pit/BBQ - ready to light up in seconds and easy to fold flat and stow in a VW camper
Feuerhand Pyron Stainless Steel Fire Barrel
Out of stock
Extremely efficient, virtually smokeless stainless steel, German made fire pit with legs
Petromax Atago Retracting BBQ Grill & Fire Pit
In stock
Stainless steel, German designed BBQ that retracts to a compact size & can also be used as a stove, oven or fire pit
Petromax Firebox FB1 Wood Burner Stove
In stock
From: £79.99
£118.99 SAVE 33%
Stainless steel, made in Germany, BBQ/stove that packs down flat into its own compact storage bag
Folding Campfire Grill - Small
In stock
£12.99 SAVE 31%
Folding Campfire Grill - Large
In stock
£24.99 SAVE 24%
Lightweight grill with folding legs and space for multiple pans ideal for cooking around the campfire
Heavy Duty Campfire Grill
In stock
£39.99 SAVE 18%
Sturdy steel framed grill suitable for cast iron cooking over an open fire with folding legs for simple storage
Grilliput Collapsible Barbeque Grill
In stock
£34.99 SAVE 17%
The smallest, most compact barbeque on the market – fits in your pocket!
UCO Flatpack Portable BBQ Grill & Firepit
In stock
£49.99 SAVE 20%
Durable stainless steel grill which packs flat when not in use, sets up in seconds & can also be used as a firepit
UCO Mini Flatpack BBQ Grill & Firepit
In stock
Mini, 2-3 person version of the classic flatpack stainless steel grill- sets up in seconds & can also be used as a firepit
Grilliput Compact Firebowl
Out of stock
£19.99 SAVE 15%
Compact, collapsible, stainless steel firebowl - use it with the Grilliput Barbeque or on its own
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove
In stock
£134.95 SAVE 7%
High quality, German made, extremely efficient and easy to use - never buy camping gas again!
Primus Campfire Stainless-Steel BBQ Tongs
In stock
£24.00 SAVE 25%
Cool minimalist design tongs in food grade stainless steel - compact enough to stow in a camper van draw
Petromax  Campfire Skewer - 2 Pack
In stock
Pack of 2 stainless steel skewers with bent prongs for drop free campfire cooking
Petromax  Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
In stock
Safely and easily remove the lid from a Dutch Oven, or for lifting bbq grills
Petromax  Natural Wood Spatula
In stock
Wooden spatula made in Germany from local cherry wood
Primus OpenFire Stainless-Steel Oak Handled Spatula
In stock
£24.00 SAVE 25%
High quality spatula with a flexible stainless-steel blade and a moisture resistant Oak handle
Primus CampFire Utility Sack
Out of stock
£30.00 SAVE 17%
Versatile utility sack, completely watertight with roll top carry handle
Primus OpenFire Pack Sack Kamoto Storage Bag
Out of stock
£33.00 SAVE 15%
Keep the Kamoto BBQ secure and protect the interior of your VW camper
Petromax Aramid Pro 300 Gloves
In stock
£39.99 SAVE 18%
High-quality heat resistant gauntlets to protect hands and forearms around the campfire, firepit and BBQ
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Convection Lid
Out of stock
£39.99 SAVE 8%
Lightwieght, heat-proof lid for using the Atago BBQ as a convection oven or smoker for baking/smoking food
Petromax Atago BBQ Grill Storage Bag
In stock
Durable ripstop nlyon with reinforced base for carrying Atago BBQ and protecting other kit from any soot/ash
Petromax Wood Burning Rocket Stove - Storage Bag
In stock
Strong padded fabric storage bag with reinforced sides and base - ideal for storing the Rocket Stove in the Dub
Cooking Support for Petromax Atago
In stock
Transforms the Atago to a solid fuel hob for dutch ovens, coffee pots etc
Petromax Perkomax Enamel Coffee Percolator Pot - Black
In stock
£49.99 SAVE 14%
High quality enamel steel 1.5 litre coffee percolator - can be used on an open fire or BBQ