2 x Micro Ponchos & Pouch

Product Code: DG818BK
A hooded poncho in a compact carry pouch that can clip to a belt or bag with a spare poncho for emergencies
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An emergency hooded rain poncho that fit snugly into a tiny micro pouch that can be clipped onto a belt, belt loops, rucksack, bag etc… ideal for minimalist festivallers who don’t want to lug too much gear around.
If you do get a sudden downpour, these white semi-translucent ponchos are pretty neutral so they’ll keep you dry without cramping your festival style too much.
  • Twin pack emergency ponchos with 1 micro pouch
  • Can be clipped onto a belt, belt loops, rucksack or bag
  • Stylish white semi-translucent finish
  • Available in 3 pouch colours
  • One size fits all
Pack Size: 7cm x 5cm x 3cm
Weight: 50g (1 x poncho and pouch)
Pouch Colours: Purple, Black and Grey
Contains: 1 x rain poncho in pouch and spare rain poncho