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Find the perfect torch, lantern, tent light or head torch for festival camping. Environmentally friendly rechargeable LED torches, solar lanterns, tent lights, wind-up torches, LED mini lanterns, eco-friendly lanterns, LED key ring lights, awning lights, wind-up head torches etc…
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LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light
Solar-powered, waterproof, inflatable lantern that packs flat to the size of a smartphone and weighs just 85g
Vango Galaxy 36 LED Dynamo/Solar/12V/240V Rechargeable Eco Lantern
Eco-friendly, 60 lumen LED lantern that can be charged via wind up, solar, 240V mains or 12V car charger
True Utility StashLite Key Ring LED Torch
Compact 25 Lumen LED torch with hidden stash space for emergency currency notes, medication, etc.
Summit Hurricane Lantern Retro LED Lamp– Cream
An antique hurricane oil lamp to finish that retro camping look but with the safety and convenience of LEDs
Summit Hurricane Lantern Retro LED Lamp– Green
This retro lantern looks like an antique hurricane oil lamp but actually has the safety and convenience of LEDs
LED Hurricane Lantern Retro Style Camping Lamp
16 LED classic style scout lantern with an energy saving dimmer switch and top carry handle
LifeSystems Intensity 105 Rechargeable LED Head Torch
105 lumens of brightness, 6 lighting modes and the rechargeable battery has up to 21 hours of battery life
Lifesystems 220 Intensity LED Head Torch
Powerful 220 Lumen headtorch with an adjustable strap, multiple modes and beam focusing
Yellowstone 3 LED Headtorch
Compact and lightweight head lamp at a budget price - perfect for finding your way around festival fields
LifeSystems Intensity 24 Micro Head Torch
Ultra-compact, weatherproof head torch with 24 lumen performance, 5 lighting modes and elasticated strap
PowerPlus Firefly Wind Up and Rechargeable LED Tent Light
Rechargeable LED tent light with 4 settings: white normal or high power - red night vision or flashing SOS
LUMO Clip Light – Carabiner Micro Lantern
Micro Lantern with Carabiner which can be clipped onto a tent, backpack, bag, belt loop, keyring etc...
PowerPlus Barracuda LED Solar & Wind-Up Torch
Rechargeable torch that can be charged either by the built-in solar panel or via the integrated dynamo
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PowerPlus Wolf - Flashlight/FM Radio/Alarm
Multipurpose torch with wind up charging, in built radio with speaker and 80Db emergency alarm
iProtec 100 Tactical Flashlight Torch
compact tactical flashlight made from anodised aircraft grade aluminium and packed full of features
iProtec 180 Tactical Flashlight Torch
Anodised aircraft grade aluminium torch producing 180 lumens of super bright light with zoom mode
Highlander Extendable LED Torch Lantern
This Extendable LED Torch can be used as a torch to focus on one area or extended to illuminate a larger area
Nite-Ize BugLit LED Micro Flashlight
Innovative LED torch uses legs to wrap around or hang from objects for optimal lighting with 4 light modes
Nitestik Glow Stick Safety Markers
Natural glow-at-night luminescent pigments, ideal for marking kit & zips with no batteries required
Vango Eye Light
Compact and convenient portable lamp, use free standing or attach it to almost anything with its flexible stand
PowerPlus Salamander Solar Torch with PowerBank Charger
LED torch with an internal 2,400mAh battery for charging phones and a small solar panel for recharging
HUBi LUMi 12v LED Light + Splitter Cable
40 Lumen LED light with 4m cable which plugs into the HUBi 10k Solar Panel Kit for ambient lighting
Nebo Redline RC 320 Lumen Torch with MagDock
Compact 320 lumen torch with adjustable zoom, 4 beam modes, 9h battery life & magnetic charging dock
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Vango Rocket 120 Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern
LED lantern with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and rechargeable battery capable of charging phones
Vango Rocket 120 Rechargeable Mini Lantern
Rechargeable mini camping lantern with high-strength LEDs - 40 or 120 Lumens light modes
LuminAID PackLite Max USB – Inflatable Solar LED Lantern
Charge via the integrated solar panel or USB port for up to 150 lumens of light folding to a compact size
LuminAID PackLite Spectra – Colour Changing Solar LED Lantern
Inflatable, colour changing solar lantern with up to 12 hours of ambient lighting per charge & fully waterproof