Camping Mats, Roll Mats & Airbeds

Foam roll mats, self-inflating roll mats, compact sleep mats, single and double airbeds - from ultra-light 241g self-inflating sleeping mats to comfortable 23cm thick flock air beds you’ll find a full range of camping mats for wild camping and festivaling 

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Highlander Nato Foam Roll Mat
Classic style, 4 season roll mat with a waterproof & washable foam fabric providing superb insulation
Vango Trek 3 Self Inflating Mat
Lightweight mat with a ripstop fabric inflating to 3cm thickness, available in compact or standard lengths
Vango Comfort Self Inflating Mat - Grande 10cm
Out of Stock
Airbed Inflator/Deflator Foot Pump
5lt heavy duty bellows style foot pump providing fast inflation and deflation
Vango Rechargeable Electric Airbed Pump
Portable electric airbed pump ideal for the luxury of an airbed when at a festival away from vehicle power
Vango Cosy Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Double
Fits onto a campervan bed, airbed or camping mat with drawcord holds and a soft, brushed fabric for comfort