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A quick overview of the new 2017 Vango AirBeam (AirAway) awning range along with a short review of the new Cruz drive-away awning. All the Vango awnings discussed below are the ‘Low’ connection height versions which are the best suited to fit VW Transporters.

The Upgrades
The ever popular Idris, bestselling Kela and awesome Galli awnings are all carried over from the 2016 season with just a minor change to the top of the connection tunnel, ‘clip-in’ as opposed to fixed front webbing straps and larger low level vents. Vango have now scrapped the roman numerals after the product names used to denote new upgrades in specification over the years, so instead of Kela II, Kela III etc… it’s just Vango Kela.
The New Galli RSV
New for 2017 is the Galli RSV (Right Sided Vehicle) which is a mirror image of the regular Galli. This awning has been specifically manufactured for left-hand-drive/twin sliding door vehicles so the front entrance porch of the awning faces out the same way as the front of your LHD Bus.

This is good news for the VDub scene as we have so many imported ‘Left-Hookers’ on the road, it’ll offer the many LHD owners the chance to get their hands on Vango’s largest drive-away awning and have it set-up in a front facing configuration. You really do need to sit and relax under your porch and reciprocate the admiring nods that the familiar front end of your Bus attracts!

Alternatively, the Galli RSV can be used with a RHD van so the front porch faces out the same way as your rear tailgate kitchen.

The New Vango Cruz
The new kid on the block for 2017 is the Vango Cruz which combines the excellent pre-angled SuperBeams and front porch of the Galli with the living area, pack size, weight and set-up time closer to that of the market leading Kela.
The design has a large windowed living area in the middle that can accommodate a double bedroom and a 140cm deep connection tunnel that can be used as a utility room which provide the same floor area as a Kela plus the sheltered porch. The pre-angled SuperBeams provide additional stability and the extra headroom allows you to maximise this bright internal living space.

Like the Galli and Kela, the Cruz is also manufactured from Vango’s market leading Sentinal Pro 420 fabric for durability and comes with the new high efficiency pump design that inflates air beams even faster with less effort and less strain on the back

The popularity of the Galli in 2016 (its first year of production) was testament to its advanced design, high spec and comfort… we expect the Cruz to join the Kela and Galli as market leaders in 2017.

Overall the new Vango awning range caters for varying uses, family sizes and budgets that the VW community demands whilst, as always, offering superb design and build quality along with the customer support that people have grown to expect from Vango.

Vango’s 2017 AirBeam range definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

For the new range go to our latest review for all current prices and bundle deals visit the Vango AirBeam Awning section of FL’s shop.

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