Festival Checklist: Top 10 Festival Essentials

No doubt, you’ll already have the most obvious festival essentials like festival tickets, money, I.D. etc… safely stashed already.  And regarding

Fully Loaded Off-Roader Festival Trolley

Fully Loaded Off-Roader Festival Trolley

festival clothes, like most other outdoor activities, it’s best to pack plenty of layers – t-shirts, hoodies, a beanie etc… as temperatures can still drop at night in the countryside, even in mid-summer.  Also, take a spare hoodie and jeans just in case you do get caught in the rain or take a tumble in that festival mud.

1. Decent Quality Double Skin Tent – as well as space to sleep – check that you have enough room for all your bags and muddy boots.

2. Sleeping Bag and Roll Mat – make sure these have at least a 2-3 season rating as you don’t want to be kept awake all night because of the cold.

4. Poncho, Drybag & Waterproof Pouch – we all know what British summertime can offer up… especially when there’s a festival field full of tents.

5. Festival Wellies – it only takes a few minutes of rain for those rolling green festival fields to become thick mud.

6. Portable Phone Charger – a festival essential for staying in contact with friends, taking photos/video clips of your favourite bands and festival life.

7. Waterproof Phone Pouch – we’ve all seen, on more than one occasion, someone trying to reclaim their smartphone from mosh mud.

8. Head Torch – you’ll need all the help you can get finding your way through the maze of festival tents and locating your tent zip

9. Eyeshades & Earplugs – whether you end up next to the dance tent, fairground or 24 hour ravers – it’s nice to know you can completely tune out if you want.

10. Waterless Body Wash & Lightweight Towel – freshen up in the privacy of your own tent with an all over body wash – combined with a micro towel they take up minimal space.

Add-ons that can save you money and/or make your festival weekend a bit more comfortable: 

Festival Trolley – if you have lots of festival kit and/or a heavy tent – a decent heavy-duty festival trolley should definitely be on your essential festival kit list.

Camping Chair – after a day of wandering from stage to stage and pulling a few shapes – it’s nice to park your butt down on something comfortable around a campfire.

Folding Campfire Grill/Hexi Stove – if you’re festivalling on a budget, you can save yourself a lot of cash by cooking over festival camp fire or festival friendly Hexi Stove.

TravelJohns – a pack or two of these unisex disposable urinals will save that you that early morning trip to the long drop loos.

Flagpole & Flag – mark your camping spot and make it easier to find your way back to your tent – telescopic flagpoles are available in 2.7m to 10m sizes and attach plenty of festival flags.

Whiz Freedom – enables women to pee standing up and not have to sit on a festival toilet seat – also allows use of the ‘She-Pee’ women only festival loos.

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