Camping at a Festival

Leave No Trace

When it comes to camping at a festival, we have a ‘leave no trace’ attitude here at Funky Leisure and would always recommend that rather than buying the cheapest ‘disposable type’ festival tent with the intent on a sacrificial tent trashing and leaving it at the end of the festival – maybe spend a little bit extra on a decent festival tent that will last a few years. It will usually make your festival weekend dryer, more comfortable and obviously cheaper in the long run if your tent lasts you a few festival seasons.

Clearing up wrecked and unwanted festival tents not only has a negative environmental impact that can affect future licence applications for festival organisers it costs money which is obviously passed on to festival goers via the price of next year’s festival ticket.Flags Streamers & Bunting category

It’s definitely not one size fits all when it comes to camping at a festival. Some festival goers prefer the minimalist approach travelling light with very basic kit packed into a tiny tent and buying food at stalls all weekend. Other festival goers prefer a larger tent with living area and all creature comforts, full size camping chairs, barbequing over a festival campfire with a monster 10m flagpole covered in festival flags to mark their spot. It depends on many factors… budget, transportation, amount of people per tent, carrying weight, comfort levels, type of festival etc…

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08. August 2013 by funkyleisure
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