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Money belts, cable locks, wrist wallets, waist wallets, passport covers, travel hip packs, travel document wallets, temporary door locks, portable safes, travel organisers, passport wallets, stash belts and backpack anti-theft systems from LifeVenture and Pacsafe
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RFIDsleeve 25 RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeve – 2 Pack
2 pack of tear & water resistant RFID blocking sleeves to protect bank cards but still fit in a wallet or purse
RFIDsleeve 50 RFID-blocking passport protector
RFID blocking fabric which is tear and water resistant, protecting digital data on modern passports
Go Travel RFID Blocking Money Belt
Concealable, adjustable waist belt with RFID blocking fabric ideal for bank cards, passports and other valuables
Go Travel Shoulder Holster Wallet
Cross body wallet which sits discreetly beneath clothing with two zippered pouches for passport, cards, cash, etc.
Lifeventure RFID Passport Wallet
RFID blocking, easy access sleeve for passports with rear pocket for boarding pass and internal card slots
Lifeventure RFiD Travel Wallet
Zip opening, RFID blocking wallet for bank cards & notes with an ID card sleeve and water resistant fabric
Lifeventure Body Wallet - Chest
Hang around the neck and conceal underneath clothing with multiple pockets for storing small valuables
Lifeventure Hydroseal Body Wallet - Chest
IPX7 rated waterproof body wallet worn around the neck with multiple pockets for passports, cash, cards, etc.
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Lifeventure Body Wallet - Waist
Slimline body wallet that can be kept under your shirt or trousers to protect your valuables when travelling
Pacsafe Coversafe S100 – Women’s Secret Waist Wallet
A discreet body wallet with a breathable fabric that keeps valuables easily accessible but hidden from view
Pacsafe Coversafe S25 - Secret Bra Pouch for Women
Attaches directly to a bra on the front or side using aclasp attachment with a soft and lightweight lingerie fabric
Pacsafe Coversafe S80 - Secret Body Pouch for Women
Discreet single shoulder wallet with adjustable strap and soft touch ideal for passport, tickets and any currency
Lifeventure Waist Wallet with Dri Pouch
Adjustable waist wallet with roll top dristore compartment ideal for beaches or bad weather when travelling
Lifeventure Money Belt - Slide Buckle
Stylish canvas belt with concealed stash pocket for storing emergency currency when travelling
TanSafe Suncream Stash Safe
The perfect disguise for safely storing valuables when on the beach whether its cash, keys or even a smartphone
Pacsafe RFIDsafe W100 RFID Blocking Wallet
Stylish zippered wallet/purse with RFID blocking technology and detachable safety strap with karibiner clip
Lifeventure RFID Mini Document Wallet
Compact RFID blocking wallet to keep cards, tickets, passports etc. organised and secure when travelling
Lifeventure RFiD Document Wallet
RFID blocking wallet with multiple compartments for safely organising travel documents, passports, cash, etc.
Snugpak Grab A5 Travel Organiser
Waterproof pouch with multiple pockets and sleeves for storing a range of travel documents and tickets
Howsar Portable Door Lock
Simple to use temporary door lock ideal for additional security at hostels without locks on the doors
Lifeventure Cable Lock C400
Tough 4 digit combination lock with a 1m retractable steel cable ideal for securing gear on trains, busses, etc.
LifeVenture TSA Wire Luggage Zip Lock
Compact 3 digit combination lock perfect for securing lockable zips on backpacks and TSA approved
Pacsafe Prosafe 750 Key Card Lock
Travel lock with key card unlocking mechanism so no keys or codes to remember and TSA approved
Pacsafe Travelsafe X15 Travel Safe Bag
High-security lightweight, lockable, safe bag that secures to any fixture with the heavy-duty combination lock.
Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L GII Portable Safe for Macbooks & Laptops
Store laptops and other valuable to fixed objects with eXomesh woven cage and 3 dial combination padlock
Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Travel Safe Bag
Compact travel safe for valuables with an eXomesh woven cage and 3 dial lock to securely attach to fixed objects
Pacsafe Vibe 150 Anti-Theft Cross Body Pack
Versatile sling pack can be worn on the front or back with anti-slash, smart zip and RFID blocking technology
Pacsafe Vibe 200 Anti-Theft Travel Pack
Shoulder strap bag with multiple compartments, tablet sleeve and a range of anti-theft security features
Pacsafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Cross Body Pack
Versatile sling pack can be worn on the front or back with anti-slash, smart zip and RFID blocking technology
True Utility FlashStash Key Ring LED Torch
Compact 30 Lumen LED torch with hidden stash space for emergency currency notes, medication, etc.
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